Do you wish you were making more money?

Are you having a hard time with accountability and following through on the hard tasks in your business?

Do you wonder if you’re doing the right tasks? Are you being as productive as you can?

Do you wish you could spend less time running your business and more time with friends and family?

Sometimes do you feel a little lost, overwhelmed and alone in your business struggles?

If you answered yes to any, or all of these questions then you are in the right place.

I help female entrepreneurs like yourself, make more money, while creating more time for the things you love. Whether that be spending time with friends and family, travelling, having more ‘me’ time or anything else. You started your business as a way to provide for yourself and your family. You started your own business so you could have the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.  

The reality is most entrepreneurs struggle to make the amount of income they desire, while also having the time and energy to spend on doing the things they love.

You don’t have to be one of those entrepreneurs. I want you to feel as though you run your business, not that it runs you.

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Hi, I'm Lana Dingwall. If you're a female entrepreneur who is looking to optimize their productivity so they can make more, while actually working less, then you're in the right place!

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​​I still remember the day my partner called me out for not pursuing my goals. For the millionth time I was talking about how I wanted to run a coaching business and what that business would look like. She kindly reminded me that she knew this was a goal of mine since I had been talking about it for years. That comment was followed up with a question I'll never forget: “You know what you want to do so why aren’t you doing it?” That question, although so small, was the catalyst that has brought me to you today.

The simple answer was: I had no real answer. I had been talking about running my own business for years, but always had a reason as to why the timing wasn’t right. That was the moment I told myself: no more excuses. It was time to move away from talking a big game, into actually playing the game.

I started reading up on everything I needed to know about starting a business and then I did it. I made the site, I started a blog, I started marketing and promoting my business. I did everything the online gurus told me to do. I was working extremely hard but I still wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I had clients but my business lacked consistency and I was running out of steam.

I began to doubt myself (a lot!). I thought that maybe I just didn’t have it in me to run my own business, that maybe I wasn’t cut out for the world of entrepreneurship. It looked to me as if other people in my field were thriving and so I thought that clearly I was the problem. I was right.

I was the problem. However it wasn’t because I didn’t have it in me to be a successful entrepreneur. I was the problem because I was spending most of my time on the wrong tasks. I was working hard but I wasn’t working smart.

And so I hired a coach of my own to help solve the problem (and boy am I glad I did!). My coach helped me zero in on what was holding me back. I realized that even though I was hustling and working my butt off, I was hiding. I had tricked myself into thinking I was being productive, when really I wasn’t focusing on the most important aspects of the work; the aspects that would generate paying clients and continued business.

Since then I’ve stopped hiding behind my ‘to-do list’ and have started focusing my time and energy on the specific things that push my business forward financially.

My feelings of failure when I first established my business, of doubting my ability to succeed, are the very reasons why I’m so passionate about working with female entrepreneurs.

Often women quit since the constant hustle, with little results, eats away at them until they fold.

I’m here to change that. Most businesses (speaking from experience….) fail not because the women running them aren’t cut out for it but because those women haven’t figured out how to optimize their productivity so that they are doing the right tasks, instead of all of the tasks.

If this sounds like you, I’m here to help. All you have to do is take that first step and reach out to me. Tell me a bit about yourself, what type of business you run, and what your struggles are.

My mission in life is to help as many female entrepreneurs succeed as possible, and I would love it if you’re one of them.


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